Increase your Listing Activity

Increase your Listing Activity

What are the differences between working with buyers and working with sellers?

When you have a listing, everyone in the area knows you are selling the house because they see your sign. When you are working with buyers, very few people know.

When you are working with buyers you are working for all the agents in the area to sell their listings. When you are working with sellers all the agents are working for you to sell your listings.

Buyers take more time and sellers take less time.
Listings generate sign calls.

You can be out of town and sell a listing. With buyer’s, you have to be there to make a sale.

To get more listings, you obviously have to do more prospecting. We will assume that you are prospecting on a consistent basis, but need support with your listing presentation.

Here are the key strategies to convert more listing presentations.

Be the best marketer with great marketing skills, negotiation skills and home staging skills.

Stop doing listing presentations and start doing listening presentations.

Don’t tell the seller how you work, ask them what they expect you to do to get their home sold.
Verbalize your value proposition based on their expectations.

Don’t sell, serve. Be truthful and committed to what you do to get homes sold and let them know what you don’t do and why, especially if it’s something they feel is important. You need to be sure that you’re on the same page.

Don’t set the price, let the seller set the price.
Have a complete marketing plan that is inclusive of what you will do and when.

Have a scheduled time that you will communicate progress consistently.

Don’t talk commission until they have agreed to market their property with you.

When was the last time you role-played your listing presentation? Are there areas of your listing presentation that you would like to improve? Do you have a pricing strategy that gets listings priced right? call me today and I would be happy to support you with your listing presentation.